GBL01: Matthew Barr

Matthew Barr is a University Teacher at the University of Glasgow, where he convenes the game studies course and is the editor of the peer reviewed student game studies journal, Press Start. He also a Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University where he teaches on the games development programme. His research examines how video games may be used to develop skills and competencies in players, with a particular emphasis on communication.

In this podcast, Matthew will tell us more about how he used games in his classrooms to improve communication; more specifically:

  • Using Games to develop communication Skills
  • Explore the use of commercial video games to teach communication skills in a formal higher education environment
  • Describe an experiment where Game-Based activities were employed in third-level education to improve communication and collaborative skills
  • Inform the development of self-directed game-based activities that students may undertake without intervention from already over-committed (and costly) academic staff
  • Provide practical skills that could help academic staff who would like to improve their students’ communication skills

>> Listen to the Podcast Here