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How To Organise A Game-Based Learning Tournament?

In this workshop, participants will learn how to put together a tournament so that contestants can learn as much as possible from the game played during the tournament. Attendees will learn how to organise game based learning events and tournaments. They will gain a deeper inside into learning centered tournaments organization, and the differences between success centered and learning centered tournament structure. We will use Castle of Mind as the game in the tournament, but the focus will be on composing and structuring the tournament. No prior rule knowledge is required. Participants don’t need anything for the workshop, only a Zoom access. We will work in groups and the group leader will share his/her screen. The group will organise a tournament together in a shared document.

The content of the workshop:

  • how to build tournament which rewards learning

  • avoid shortcuts and winning strategies

  • what does it mean: “the reward is the game”

  • how to find balance and give equal opportunities


  • No previous experience needed

  • Workshop will be held in smaller groups

  • Microphone is necessary

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