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Live In Your World. Play In Ours; E-sports As A School Sport.

A 2019 survey indicated that Almost one quarter (22%) of Irish adults watch or participate in e-Sports. e-Sports is a form of competitive video gaming using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) titles either in individual or team game mode.

e-Sports competition is facilitated through organized, multiplayer online video game competitions. E-Sports has experience immense growth over the past few years and students both in second level and in third level are gaming in record numbers. At present there is an Irish Collegiate league with the expectation that a similar league will emerge at second level at some stage. Having a more organised structure enables kids to do what they love in a positive environment with guidance from team coaches and near-peer mentors. e-Sports have some positive benefits to students. It is suggested that e-Sports can boost children strategic thinking, teamwork, communication, leadership, performance skills and confidence building. It may be far more accessible for some students and games are gender neutral.

The presenter worked in a school district in the USA where he mentored and supported the first e-sports team in the school district. This academic year was the pilot for the State e-Sport competition but sadly it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown. He will share some of his experiences in supporting a team in an American high school and how the experience could be transferred to an Irish context.

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