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Gamified Gamification Training For Teacher Trainers: A Case Of Utopian Pedagogic School Of Innovation

The ideal training experience of gamification should offer a gamified environment where trainees play a game to acquire knowledge and skills in order to put gamification in practice. Such environment could mix multiple realities, blending real-life and virtual activities for trainees to develop various games, which can actually be used for their personal profession. In this session, Wee Hoe will present a training module on gamification for teacher trainers, in which he created a quasi-physical world called Utopian Pedagogic School of Innovation or UPSI, where his trainees became trainee gameologists. The module started with a tutorial level, where trainees must memorize 18 different savoir faire of gamification, which were essential for them to complete the four-level study life in UPSI. After the tutorial, they needed to create a dice game to earn their diceologist badge. Next, they designed a card game to win the cardologist badge. Then, they composed an interactive game story using Twine to obtain the narratologist badge. Finally, they prepared a game-based learning lesson using all the games they made to gain the ludologist badge. For trainees who collected all four badges, they were proclaimed as master gameologists. Multiple versions of the module were drafted and revised between 2018 and 2019. The initial versions were tested with undergraduate and postgraduate students in a public university in Malaysia, while the final version was playtested with over 300 teacher trainers from five different faculties in the university. Through five series of training sessions, most trainees liked the training experience and they were able to gamify at least one topic of their teaching practice into a dice game and a card game. Nonetheless, very few of them were interested to earn the narratologist badge and the ludologist badge at their own time after the two-day training. Perhaps this case of gamification might be an evidence of the Bushnell’s Law: all the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master.

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