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Lionheart Gateway

The importance of teaching skills in creativity and empowering the imagination in todays’ teaching and learning context.

In this workshop, an overview of educational technology to support creativity will be preented, along with the authors’ own meditation game – Lionheart Gateway.

Lionheart Gateway is a meditation and storytelling app that empowers wellbeing and the imagination. Lionheart Gateway was developed under the framework of Peace Action Co-operation in Europe, with a focus on inner and environmental peace. The progressive educational theories that underpin this were explored through an MA in Digital Arts & Humanities with the University College Cork. Lionheart Gateway is the progression of ‘AnimaVenture’ which has been showcased in two previous years at IGBL, by both the author and students of Dublin Institute of Technology game design department.

Key Goals of teh Workshop

  • Overview of the importance of teaching skills in creativity, innovation and empowering the
    imagination in education today.
  • Overview of popular EdTech / educational games to support this.
  • Showcase the authors Edtech solution Lionheart Gateway.

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