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Cyber Squad

Cyber Squad is a digital game developed and designed by Brenda Romero and Maezza Brathwaite-Romero of Romero Games in conjunction with HPE and the Girl Scouts. The goal of the game is to teach girls about cyber security so that they are better prepared for the nuanced, challenging issues they may face as their interaction with technology and social media grows. While the possibilities for teaching and game play for the project were fairly straightforward, we wanted to create something that avoided the pedantic, didactic pitfalls of educational games while creating genuinely engaging content that appealed to demographic. This required a unique mother-daughter collaboration to create the systems that would work and the content that would hold the audience. Launching on mobile and PC, Cyber Squad also has its own board game for kids who may not have access to PCs at home or through their school. This talk will examine the challenge, the core design and content decisions, the resulting reception and key takeaways for others working in the space.

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