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Relevance to Conference:

AnimaVenture is primarily a meditation app, but with Game Elements incorporated into its design. We faced many unconventional challenges during the creation of this app and feel as though our experience has been incredibly valuable, and that sharing what we have learned would benefit many other developers and in particular other students.

Key Objectives:

  • Gamify an app designed for meditation
  • Create seamless user experiences
  • Teach meditation practices through the app

Format: .exe/.apk

Platform Used for Development: Unity

The Project

As part of a module on Game-Based Learning our role in this project was to develop a refined prototype of how the experience could be gamified. This app, being primarily a meditation app, differs drastically from our previous experiences as game design students and so posed many enjoyable challenges that had to be overcome. The outcome of this project was a harmonic memory game that was positively received by our client.


Developing for mobile brought several design issues, but developing for a meditative experience, especially one aimed at children brought a whole host of other difficulties to overcome. The goal of the game is to be a meditative, flow-inducing, relaxing experience, along the way we gained experience in terms of design for relaxation and hope to share that knowledge with people at the IGBL conference.


As Game Designers, we faced our biggest challenge in trying to “Gamify” this app. Meditation and Games are two genres that usually wouldn’t intersect, this led to a large amount of exciting opportunities to approach the challenge in a unique manner. We focused on trying to create more of an interactive experience, where users could fidget, make music, and get into a flow state by interacting with our menus. We also decided to create specific mini-games, that would help to introduce all types of players into a flow state.

Next Steps

When we were developing this app we learned that we may have the opportunity to take the project further, hopefully getting more funding and gaining a full time role creating this app alongside the AnimaVenture team. Following the end of the project we successfully secured an innovation voucher to develop the project further and have been working on this since February of 2019.

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