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Serious Videogames In Higher Education: Exploring Civic And Political Dimensions

Relevance to the conference:

Serious videogames are becoming important tools in transforming higher education, and engaging educational approaches to support educating critical and active citizens, facilitating sociopolitical development and promoting civic participation.

Target Audience:

The target audience will be educators, teachers, social and youth workers, higher education students, who are interested in get to know, explore and experience critically civic and political videogames.

Key goals:

Through the experience of playing two on-line serious videogames (addressing issues of social and political concern, e.g., poverty, discriminatrion, imigration, the participants will have the opportunity to:

– reflect critically about civic and political dimensions of playing videogames in higher education;

-reflect and challenge a framework, an analitic and compreensive instrument built to address civic and political dimensions of a videogame in the pedagogical dimensions of its use.

Key competences:

The experience of this workshop will promote:

  • critical awareness about the potencial of videogames, and the ways that they can contribute to the citizenship education and political awareness in higher education,
  • critical game experience;
  • capacity of thinking about the experience of play, including the civic and political dimension of this experience;
  • access to a political and civic framework and instruments to analyse and think about videogames;
  • new understandings of relevant pedagogical dimensions of the use of videogames in educational contexts.


The workshop will take 120 minutes. In the first moment, the participants will have the opportunity to play two different games (20 minutes each) and to reflect about their experience (20 minutes); then, in a second moment, it will be presented a videogame framework (20 minutes); in the last moment, the participants, based on their experience, will challege the political and civic framework presented (20 minutes) and will have time for final considerations on the pedagogical dimensions of the use of videogames (20 minutes).

Number of participants:

To create a safe environment to play and to support the experience of playing, the maximum participants will be 12.

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